Wed 24th July 2019

8:00 pm

Longford Arms Hotel, Main Street, Longford

Admission: €5

ReActor is an exciting theatre project which gives aspiring writers the opportunity to bring their new short plays to life in a fresh and unique process of creation and performance.

This year we have 3 new exciting plays that will entertain and shock you at the same time. Our plays are performed by members from Mostrim Players in Edgeworthstown and Backstage Theatre Group in Longford.


First play is “The Fruit and Veg Man” by Niamh MacCabe

A young amateur voyeur’s guilty shame is exploited by the tragic object of his desire; a middle-aged victim of domestic violence. She enables him to feed her need for self-deception. They are both complicit in her delusion, where she finds validation in his confirmation that he has witnessed ‘love’ between her and her violent partner. His decision to lie is a poisoned chalice, for though it buys him her time and her acceptance, it also ensures she stays in her abusive relationship.

The Fruit and Veg Man is directed by Camilla Kelly with a cast of Kate Donohoe and Colm O’Reilly. All three are from Mostrim Players in Edgeworthstown.


Second play is “Extraction” by Rose Byrne

Extraction is a comedy set in a dentist’s surgery somewhere in Longford, present day.

Dentist, Gerry O’Grady, who is not so politically correct, has driven a lot of his patients and staff away with his direct approach. He “says it like it is” which sometimes gets him into trouble.

His wife, Belinda O’ Grady, who is also his practice manager, nurse and receptionist takes matters into her own hands to improve O’Grady’s manner.

Her method doesn’t go down well with O’Grady and she storms out.

However, when an outspoken Dublin woman, Jacinta Daly, who has a fear of dentists, turns up for treatment, things take a different turn for the straight-talking O’Grady.

The director is Eileen Spillane with a cast of Sorcha Ross, John Kelly and Margaret Dunne.

Sorcha and Margaret are from Mostrim Players and John Kelly is well know from appearing with Backstage Theatre Group and St Mel’s Musical Society.


Third play is “A Way with words” by Michael Farrell

Owen, a retired gent in the midlands takes a daily walk ending at Curly’s Eatery for his cheese sandwich, before spending a while on the bench outside in the sun.

This pleasant routine is torpedoed the day he finds another old duffer on his bench ahead of him. Their frosty encounter eases when Raftery announces that there are no heart transplants in outer space; and other unseemly facts like that.

A nut case? Nobody seems to know him. Yet Owen misses him when he fails to return and is glad when he does show up again. They get down to making plans for a better world–like connecting all land masses into one big continent. Their vision grows more cosmic–they want to abolish hate and other bad stuff.

Then Raftery fails to show. Owen searches everywhere, finds him ‘out the road,’ writing frantically. He breaks down and explains how he wanted to be a writer but no one wanted to publish his stuff. Until a woman arrived at his door and said he was writing for the wrong audience.

So he married her. He took back all his submissions from editors everywhere and ever since has been writing for the universe. His theory is that the world is running out of steam and people need to give something back to it–especially words, which in turn give meaning. Now he has a cart full of writing and no need for anyone to read it–once the words are written their meaning is out there.

The wife has just died, and Raftery soon follows. But he wills all the writings to Owen, who cadges them from Curly’s Eatery to his bench in the village. And the great thing is–there is no need to read any of it.

The director is Peter Costello with a cast of Dylan Costello and James Martin.

Pauline Flood is producer of all 3 plays

Various Event Tickets are also available at our Festival Office: 14 Dublin Street, Longford. For more information call Sharon on 043 3344004