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The Brickx Club
Temperance Hall, New Street, Longford
Sat 27th & Sun 28th July - 11am


LEGO has long been considered a ‘good’ toy and parents worried about children spending too much time on screens, are happy to encourage interest. For many, it’s a well loved toy from their own childhoods.

Educational materials for teaching STEM subjects and other programmes for learning through play have been developed or funded by the LEGO group. Independently, teachers and therapists have incorporated bricks into lessons and after-school clubs.

“LEGO is absolutely fantastic”, says Kathy Lambkin, owner of the Brickx Club and organiser of the BRICKX FEST, an interactive LEGO exhibition and workshop.

“It is creative, educational but also very sociable. That is the main thing for me, the sociability. Put a box of minifigures on a table and children will start creating stories and talking to each other. You can take LEGO anywhere, no language needed.”


Kathy Lambkin, a Montessori teacher of 30 years, originally from Cork and now living in Meath, had always used LEGO bricks in her school. Her interest led to further training in LEGO Serious Play, a method which encourages creative thinking, problem solving and communication. She has also trained with Dr. Gina Gomez-de-la-Cuesta, who brought LEGO therapy to Britain to help develop social skills in children with Autism. In 2013, she set up the Brickx Club, which can be run in a variety of formats –a school-based programme, after-school club, workshop, summer camp or birthday party. Activities can be tailored to suit all age groups from pre-schoolers to primary to
secondary students of all abilities. There are 28 people now running clubs of their own.

Charities we support:

INTERNATIONAL ORPHAN AID IRELAND – Kathy Lambkin is a Director of International Orphan Aid Ireland and has 2 children Meimei, now 20 and Leo 16 from China. Our vision is to have a world where orphaned and abandoned children are cherished and not left without the necessary protection, care, love and support they need to live happy fulfilled lives”

AOIBHEANNS PINK TIE – a great charity supporting children with cancer in Crumlin Children’s hospital.

LEGO DISPLAYS – meet our AFOL’s and talk about their wonderful buildings.

COMPETITION: we have medals for all those fantastic builders

CONSTRUCTION ZONES AND PITS – Build with all the family. Starwars, Bionicles, lego city, friends lego, pirates etc.