Street Art
The Cube
Market Square, Longford
Sat 27th & Sun 28th July - 12pm

Our four visiting street artists painting The Cube on the market square are Kevin Bohan, Joseph Kennedy, Pawel IIjin & Gerald Keavney.

Kevin Bohan is a full-time artist, illustrator and mural painter based in Dublin. Kevin came back to art in his mid-thirties after a long break – Profile

Joseph Kennedy (SHUK) is an Irish graffiti artist; from break dancing to street /urban style, he started off painting with acrylic and sketching and then fell in love with spray paint, which he used to show his style of graffiti bigger,sharper and more colourful – Profile

Pawel IIjin is a street artist originally from Poland who lives a Dublin. His style is recognizable by his bluish palette and stylish female characters, a combination between abstract and portraiture with a touch of melancholy is a reflection of his Polish roots – Profile

Gerald Keavney is heavily influenced by the urban aesthetics. He is very passionate about street art and the urban environment and how works on city walls willingly surrender to the inevitable process of decay and destruction over time – Profile