Trevor Lock – The Workshop

24th July


Market bar Upstairs. Ballymahon St

Ticket Price: €20

On this tour Ferdian Events as part of Cruthu Longford Arts Festival are delighted to offer the…
Trevor Lock Comedy and Public Speaking Workshop

  • Need help with that Best Man’s Speech?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who needs to pitch and give presentations looking to engage your audience?
  • Need a quick confidence boost to finally get you up and give Stand Up a go?
  • For anyone who regularly needs to present, perform or doing anything to a live audience this 3 hour workshop from a master of crowd interaction and handling is a really unique opportunity to get some professional help.


This highly coveted workshop is subsidised by Cruthu and so comes at a specially reduced price of €20 for a full 3 hour workshop!!

Less than €7 an hour, learn some of the tips and tricks from a man who has been standing up in front of audiences for more than 2 decades…. ​for an evening that might give you the tools to inspire  and change your life!

Various Event Tickets are also available at our Festival Office: 14 Dublin Street, Longford. For more information call Sharon on 043 3344004


“What to say about Trevor’s workshop? That is a good question. Almost as good as why did I decide to take it. The answer: I don’t know. What I do know is that I’d take it again and again.” – Tommaso Fiacchino Cherry Road Films Hollywood Mar. 2014

“I attended Trevor’s workshop expecting to learn what to say to an audience but came away learning something more valuable, the power of listening, watching and being present. Trevor showed us there is a truer, braver way to interact with the audience – be genuinely interested in them. More than just a workshop, an invaluable life lesson. A unique workshop from a unique performer.”-  Peter Smith, Assistant Director, Barcelona Nov. 2018