Gerard Keaveney

My art journey started as a young child and I have had a constant interest in the visual arts since. I always questioned the everyday life but there was nothing too exciting worth talking about. My partner and I had our first child almost two years ago and our journey through parenthood began. I have since been expressing that journey through my art. Expressing maturity and immaturity, sadness and happiness, past and present all with the intention of having all this work in flux. I aim to capture all energy and emotions that come with everyday family life.

The urban aesthetics plays an integral role in the aesthetics of my work. I am very passionate about street art and the urban environment and how works on city walls willingly surrender to the inevitable process of decay and destruction that awaits them and the every changing interaction they encounter. Both family life and the passion for the urban environment have assisted me in finding a style that I will continue to practice and develop.